Having as a principle the provision of high quality and value-added services, Metric Global Network as a system integrator and IT solutions -strategist - seeks to maximize the satisfaction of its Customers.

Metric Global Network is a provider of IT systems and services. Started in 1999, is now one of the leading companies in consultancy services and implementation of integrated IT projects. In all the years of its successful presence, the company has developed strong activity in all areas of business life, offering innovative solutions. Our human dynamics with more than 20 years of experience, supervised by various institutions, foundations and companies ensures the top of service and flexible packages we offer to our customers.


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How we work

Metric Global Network as a System Integrator and IT consultant has created three main pillars of activity, Integration, Mgn365, Consulting, so that it can provide the right solution to the real needs of its customers.


System Integration

You need us where there is or is going to be developed a computer systems network. From a simple server to your entire data center, we record, analyze, categorize your systems, propose innovative solutions based on your real needs, develop and support your structures through a vertically integrated customer support framework or by implementing your own plan

Metric Global Network | Mgn365


Business Continuity

We ensure your business continuity, safeguarding your systems. With the team of engineers with over 20 years of experience in supervised companies and institutions, we design, implement and undertake support, hospitality and business monitoring through the Mgn365 services, offering uninterrupted system operation



Metric Global Network designs, implements and supports integrated solutions that meet today's and tomorrow's demands. You need us where there is a need for initial design, redesign, control and auditing of your company's IT systems. You need us where there is a need to choose a framework for back office systems, security policy creation and compliance, Gdpr, and project management processes.

Metric Global Network | Consulting

Why us

For the flexibility and security of our services.

Because we provide solutions to your real needs.

Because our human potential is made up of executives with over 20 years of experience in companies and institutions supervised by various institutions (Securities Commission, Bank of Greece, etc.).

Because the solutions proposed by Metric Global Network are not individual responses to business needs but are integrated business practice suggestions based on internationally recognized standards and products.

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