Metric Global Network, «WE STAY HOME!»



























In the last few days, all Europe and our country also is under measures to control the coronavirus pandemic. The campaign “stay home” highlights the need for self-containment and personal responsibility.


In Metric Global Network, even though we had no coronavirus cases, we implemented working at home for all employees, via Remote Access. Service is available to all our clients anyway.


Without any operation problem, since last Monday, our company operates with security personnel, while our employees serve our customers and associates from the security of their home.


Our goal is clear; we ensure the productiveness and smooth operation of our company, by prioritizing the safety of our employees and society’s as well.


The common goal is to get through the pandemic with the minimum possible blow for public health. That renders us all responsible.

Without panic, with logic, prudence and respect to our fellow man, we all do together what we can, in order to avoid the “danger” until is gone!


For any further clarification, contact your account manager directly, or call us at 2103002050.